Occasionally a particular trigger may need to be disabled for a specific reservation. For example, you would not want to send a review request to a guest who had complaints during their stay. Lodgix allows you to disable triggers at the invoice level.

  1. Navigate to the Conversations tab of the guest control panel

  2. Select the Triggers Queue tab. This will display a list of all Triggers that are Queued for this reservation.

  3. If the trigger has already been sent, the send date will display in the Sent column.

  4. By default all triggers will be sent to "On". You can toggle a specific trigger to "Off" if you do not want it to be sent.

Set the Display Order of Your Triggers

When creating your triggers, they will be ordered by date created. You can group similar triggers together, or organize them in the chronological order that they will be sent. They will still fire according to the conditions of the triggers, so this is strictly for organizational purposes.

To set the order of your triggers, navigate to Settings > Triggers and use the drag and drop interface to order the list properly. This is the order in which your triggers will be displayed in the Triggers Queue.

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