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Rental Expenses

Have expenses that require owner reimbursement?

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One Time Rental Expenses

The primary purpose of this functionality is to provide a mechanism for a property manager to pass through certain expenses to the owner statement. Unlike work orders, which are items that typically need fixing or replacing, rental expenses are more likely items like monthly utilities, one-time cleaning fees, etc.

Properties > Rental Expenses

Add New Expense Interface

If you want this expense to pass through to the owner statement, you must choose "property owner" from the WHO WILL PAY drop down. The expense will then be allocated to the expense account of your choosing for the property owner and flow through to the owner statement.

Recurring Rental Expenses

Click on the Recurring tab to enter an expense that reoccurs from time to time.

Recurring expenses can be setup to be assessed every day, week, month and year. Once the interval is selected, the interface will ask on which day you wish the expense to be assessed.

A cron job which processes any recurring rental expenses runs at 1:00am each night. Each time a recurring expense is recorded, it will show up as a single rental expense in the rental expense list and can be edited, deleted, etc. Think of the recurring expense as a template by which individual rental expenses are automatically generated.

If a new recurring rental expense is entered, and if the start date for the rental expense includes todays date, that expense will be immediately generated. If you don't want that, then the start date will need to be set to a later date.

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