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Arrival and Departure Information
Arrival and Departure Information

Information on how check-in and check-out information is accessed by guests.

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Arrival Information

Reservation arrival information is available within the Arrival Info page and can be accessed from the dashboard. The arrival information section contains check-in details, Wi-Fi details, and a property address.

Check-in details will be displayed as shown below. The information that is being displayed here is coming from the property details page in Lodgix for each property. If no information is given for a specific field, then it will not be shown in Staylio.

Departure Information

Reservation departure information is available within the Departure Info page and can be accessed from the dashboard. The departure information section contains check-out times and dates and check-out tasks.

Check-out tasks are related to each property and can be updated within the details tab for each property in Lodgix.

Custom Property Variables

Custom property variables can be displayed on the arrival or departure pages within the Staylio app. To learn more about custom property variables check this article out:

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