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How to View the Guest ID
How to View the Guest ID

Where can I view the guest photo id?

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To view a guest photo ID, navigate to one of two areas of the Lodgix application:

  1. Documents Tab within the Guest Control Panel.

  2. Requested Verifications Tab within the Guest Verify module.

DOCUMENTS TAB (within guest control panel)

Look for the "download" button to download and view the guest provided photo ID. This is also the same location where any signed guest rental agreements are found.

REQUESTED VERIFICATIONS TAB (within Guest Verify module)

The requested verifications tab is where all guest photo ID requests will be listed, as well as the status of that request.

If a photo ID fails the verification process, it is within this interface where the reason for failure will be listed. If the photo ID check fails as a result of a blurry image or some other guest related issue, a button will be provided allowing for a manual override by the property manager.

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