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How to Obtain (and Verify) a Guest ID
How to Obtain (and Verify) a Guest ID

Guests can upload a photo ID at any time.

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Now that you've enabled Guest Verify, let's review the process of collecting a guest photo ID.

When the Guest Verify module is enabled, the system will automatically use the trigger system to attempt to collect a photo ID from the guest after every booking. This trigger can be edited at your convenience. Both a text and an email will be sent to the guest requesting that a valid photo ID be uploaded and verified.

Here is what that process will look like for a guest. If the process is initiated on a mobile phone, the guest can use the camera on their phone to complete the photo upload and verification process.

If the selfie photo and the photo on the ID match, and if the data on the ID verifies as being authentic, then a "Success" message will be displayed to the guest and the photo ID process is complete.

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