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Travel Insurance - Purchase Flow Details
Travel Insurance - Purchase Flow Details

Illustrate how travel insurance can be disabled within Lodgix and also the guest booking flow for purchasing the products.

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Implementation Details

Offering travel insurance to your guests is super easy. The travel insurance offering is turned on by default. To disable the offering of travel insurance during the online booking process, just go to the modules > travel insurance area of Lodgix and click the button to "disable travel insurance".

Purchasing Travel Insurance While Making an Online Booking

Guests are offered the travel insurance AFTER the online booking has been completed. The widget will calculate the cost of the insurance and provide a link to "Buy Now". Guests will then be directed to a Lodgix co-branded checkout page to complete the purchase of the travel insurance.

Lodgix Co-branded Checkout Page

For convenience, the fields on the checkout page are pre-populated with the guest information that was previously entered during the online booking process at Lodgix. The guest only needs to re-enter their credit card details to complete the purchase of the travel insurance from


The guest purchases the travel insurance directly from iTravelInsured. The Lodgix property manager does NOT collect the travel insurance premium and the cost of the travel insurance does NOT show up on the Lodgix invoice.

Canceling or deleting a guest invoice within Lodgix will not cancel the travel insurance policy. The guest can only cancel the travel insurance policy by contacting iTravelInsured and can only cancel if the cancellation occurs within 10 days of the policy purchase date.

Travel Insurance Purchase Notifications

iTravelInsured will notify Lodgix when a guest purchases a travel insurance policy. The guest invoice within Lodgix will then display an umbrella within the Lodgix dashboard, alerting you that travel insurance was purchased for this invoice.

Additionally, within the guest control panel, under the history tab, there will be a log containing a timestamp of the travel insurance purchase, as well as the policy ID and cost of the policy that was purchased by the guest.

Issuance Report

All travel insurance policy purchases by guests can be viewed within Lodgix under the modules > travel insurance area of Lodgix. Click on the Issuances tab to view all policies.

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