Guests that book through your Lodgix booking page will have the option to purchase travel insurance immediately post booking. However if the guest books through a third party channel such as Homeaway or Airbnb they will not have this opportunity at the time of booking. You may want to follow up with guests that have not purchased insurance to let them know about the program. Lodgix provides a trigger that automatically detects invoices that do not have travel insurance and allows you to send the guest a link to purchase.

Trigger to Remind Guests to Purchase Travel Insurance

To configure a travel insurance reminder trigger for guests that have not purchased insurance already, use the following conditions:

"Invoice Status Changed To Confirmed"

"Travel Insurance Equal To Not Purchased"

This will send a reminder email upon invoice confirmation for all bookings that have not purchased insurance.

Check the options to "Apply trigger to last minute reservations" and "Fire trigger only once per reservation"

Finally, you will have to add the [TI_PURCHASE_LINK] merge tag to the body of the email to include a link to purchase the travel insurance.

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