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There are restrictions that surround when a security deposit waiver can get issued. This article will explain in detail how the process works within Lodgix.


Zoom: Setup

Please read through the setup instructions to correctly setup the Security Deposit Waiver for your properties.

Now what?

Zoom: Now what?

Once your account is setup and your policies assigned to properties, and your account is in LIVE MODE and your billing profile established at Lodgix, and training completed, the system is ready to begin issuing policies.

Every new invoice (both online and manual) going forward will include the Security Deposit Waiver for those properties which are using it. The fee for the SDW will show up on the invoice under the Additional Fees area of the invoice for each property.

Policy Issuance

Zoom: Policy Issuance

The SDW fee can be due "at the time of booking" or it can be due according to the standard collection rules you have already defined in your Universal Rules. Once the fee has been fully collected AND the status of the invoice = PAID-IN-FULL, the policy will issue AND you will see that the policy has issued within the invoice under the "Issued Policies" section of the invoice. Until the policy issues, it will show only as a fee on the invoice.

NOTE: The preferred setup is to collect the SDW fee at the time the booking is made. However, the policy is not issued until the remaining balance is paid and the invoice status = PAID-IN-FULL. This allows any cancellations to be processed very easily up until the policy is issued. Simply cancel the invoice and refund the money. However, once the policy is issued (invoice status = paid-in-full), canceling an invoice that has an issued policy is more tedious and if the reservation is less than 10 days prior to arrival the insurance cannot be refunded.


A guest can have the SDW fee on their invoice, but unless the invoice has been PAID-IN-FULL, that policy has not issued. An invoice must be brought to a zero balance BEFORE the guest checks in. Even if the SDW fee is on the invoice, if the remaining balance on the invoice is not paid before arrival, the insurance will not issue. This means that there is no damage protection in place for that reservation. There is NO way to issue a SDW policy after the guest arrives.

The reason for this is that a guest could check-in with no damage protection and then proceed to break something. The property manager could then add the damage insurance to the invoice, issue the policy and request reimbursement for the breakage. That would be like having your car damaged in an accident, and then deciding that auto insurance might be a good idea and purchasing a policy retroactive to the accident and then filing an insurance claim for the car damage. It just doesn't work that way.

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