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Managing Your Properties

How to Manage Your Property List

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You can access your property list from Properties > List All Properties...

The List All Properties Interface

  1. Reorder: Properties can be reordered alphabetically or by type. You can also click and drag the properties to customize the order.

  2. Show / Hide Disabled: Show or hide your disabled properties. Disabled properties do not count against your plan limit, and you can choose to hide them from your property list.

  3. Excel: Download your property list in an Excel file.

  4. Add Property: Add new properties to the system. Import from Airbnb, clone an existing property, or use the property setup wizard,

  5. Reorder: Click and drag here to reorder properties.

  6. Inline Edit: Click the text to quickly edit the property name or marketing title.

  7. Category: Click the text to choose a category for the property.

  8. Enable / Disable: Toggle to enable or disable your properties.

  9. Icons: Edit the property, quickly regenerate thumbnails, or delete the property. Note that if a property has any existing reservations, it cannot be deleted. This is true even if the reservations are in the past. We recommend disabling the property instead. Disabled properties will not count against your plan limit, and you are able to retain all historical records.

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