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Transferring a Property to a New Owner

How to transfer a property to the new owner after the property has been sold.

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Occasionally a property may be sold to another owner. In this scenario, the property must then transfer to the new owner, but retain all existing historical revenue data for the current owner. You cannot directly transfer a property in Lodgix, but you can achieve the desired outcome, by creating a new owner, cloning the property in question and then assigning the new property to the new owner.

Step #1 - Create New Owner

Add the new owner to your Lodgix account from Modules > Property Management > Add New Owner

Step #2 - Clone Property

Go to Properties > List all Properties and choose "Clone Property" using the "+" button on the Properties > List All Properties screen.

Choose the property from the dropdown that has been sold and clone it.

Step #3 - Assign New Property to New Owner

Assign the new property to the new owner from the Properties tab of the owner edit screen.

Step #4 - Block Dates on the New Property

Since all existing reservations were made on the old property, you will need to manually block those dates on the calendar for the new property to avoid double bookings.

Step #5 - Disable Old Property

The disabled property will not count against your plan limit, and you will retain all historical data relevant to the previous owner. You can run owner statements for that owner based only on rentals that were booked while they owned the property. The new owner will now start with a clean slate.

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