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Sending Owner Credentials

Troubleshooting - Owner Can't Login / Credentials Invalid

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An owner will receive an email from Lodgix during the owner setup process with login credentials to Lodgix, if you've enabled that option during setup (see below). Lodgix will assign the owner a login (the email address you setup for the owner) and a password. The password will be a system generated password comprised of letters, numbers and special characters. IT IS CASE SENSITIVE

Owners, for whatever reason, seem to be prone to having difficulty entering and / or remembering their login credentials for a variety of reasons:

  1. CAPS LOCK key is on

  2. Difficulty transposing password correctly from credentials email

  3. Difficulty remembering password / loss of credentials email

  4. Cutting / pasting the password includes additional spaces so password is incorrect which results in the "credentials not valid" message

  5. The owner attempts to reset their password and screws it up. Or it's a husband / wife team and one resets the password and doesn't tell the other!

The end result is that the owner blames Lodgix and claims the password does not work, which of course, is not the case.

To fix the Owner's login problem requires one of the following solutions:

  1. Resend the owner's login credentials (see below).

  2. Manually change the Owner's password to something easier to remember (see below).

Enable / disable sending owner login credentials at setup

If this check box is not checked, the owner will not initially receive login credentials. However credentials can be resent after the owner account is created (see next step).

Resending Owner Login / Password

A listing of all property owners setup on Lodgix can be found by clicking the Property Management Module menu item or going here:

On this page you can:

  1. Send Owner Login Credentials after the account has been created

  2. Login as the Owner and / or Edit the Owner's Account details

Changing the Owner's Account Password

When editing an owner's account, under the Details tab there is a field where a manual password can be entered. The field will always be blank, because all passwords are encrypted. Thus if an owner calls and says they've lost their password the only options available are to manually change it for them or to resend the owner login credentials via email.

Please note when you resend the owner's login credentials, a NEW password will be generated. This is not a password reminder email.

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