Owner Login and Access Rights

Instructions for owners to login and manage their calendars.

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The property management module allows the property manager to issue restricted access credentials to property owners to login to Lodgix and view availability as well as block off dates that their property is not available for rent due to repairs or personal use.

An Owner login empowers the property owner to check their calendar and block dates without having to call the manager. This saves the property manager unnecessary calls / emails from the owner and gives the owner the freedom to check their calendar and block dates whenever they choose.

Owner Login URL

The login URL for the owners is the same as the property manager:

Many PMs like to highlight the URL in the footer of their website and will title it "Owner Login". This is a great and easy way for the owners to always have quick access to the system rather than hunting through emails or even worse, calling the PM, to obtain the login URL.

Availability Calendar

Once the property owner logs in, they will only have access to the availability calendar where they can view the availability for their units only. They cannot view guest details or specifics on each reservation.

Blocking Dates

Property owners can block dates by selecting a date range directly from the calendar tape. When blocking a date the owner can use these options...

  1. Enter a reason for the block. This will appear on the calendar tape when the block is clicked.

  2. Send a note to the property manager.

  3. Indicate that they will be cleaning the unit themselves.

All owner blocks will show up on the calendar as dark blue versus the black which denotes a property manager block.

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