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Blocking Dates

There are a couple of way to block dates on the calendar...

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Blocking Individual Properties Using the Calendar Tape

  1. Select your dates to block on the calendar tape and choose Block

  2. A field will appear to enter the reason for the block

  3. Click the block button and optionally enter a reason for the block (renovation, guest name, owner block, etc. and then click the 2nd Block button to save the block.

Unblock Dates

To unblock any dates on the calendar, simply double click on any block and it will disappear.

How a Block Appears on Calendar Tape

  1. A block in black is a block made by a subscriber or employee.

  2. A block in dark blue is a block made by a property owner (or made by a subscriber / employee but designated as an owner block). Requires the property management module.

Blocking Dates Using Block Dates Advanced 

The block dates advanced interface allows multiple units to be blocked off for the same dates.   This can be a great feature when it's necessary to block off the same dates for a large number of properties.

  1. Enter a reason for the block

  2. Enter the start date of the block

  3. Enter the end date of the block

  4. Select the property(s) to which the block will apply.

  5. Click Save 

Check the calendar tape to view the blocks on the tape.

Owner Blocks

Note: This functionality requires the use of the Property Management Module.

Owner blocks can be initiated by an owner or designated as an owner block by the property manager.  All owner blocks show up in the Lodgix calendar tape in dark blue. Owner blocks will show up in the Arrival and Housekeeping Reports.

  1. Enter the block reason

  2. Optionally enter a note to the property manager

  3. Choose to designate the block as an owner block

  4. Note if the owner will be cleaning the property

Property managers can also make blocks and designate them as an owner block. This can be helpful when an owner calls a PM to block off dates for them, or when an a PM does not offer access to Lodgix for their owners. In these instances, the property manager can designate a block as an owner block (see screenshot above) which causes the block to appear in dark blue on the calendar tape, and it will also allow the block to appear in the housekeeping and arrival reports.

Note: For the "designate as an owner block" option to appear requires that the property being blocked be assigned to an actual owner within the property management module. 


Example of Housekeeping Report w/ Owner Blocks

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