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How to flag a guest as a VIP or Blocklist

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On occasion, a guest will behave so poorly or leave the property in such bad condition that it would be nice if that guest could somehow have a “flag” attached to their record, something that would immediately let the property manager know that this guest has a history. We call this feature a “blocklist”, as we want to essentially block the guest from re-booking.

Likewise there may come an occasion where you have such an outstanding experience with a guest that you want to note them as being a “VIP”, that is also possible.

Within the guest record, there is a field for “Guest Status” with options for...

  • Blocklist

  • VIP

Once the status is assigned, an icon will appear next to that guest in the dashboard, within the guest record and also when using the search box.

There is also a corresponding icon for VIP:

Blocklisting a guest still allows the booking, as there is no way to prevent the booking, however at least you will be alerted within the application that the guest has a particular status, allowing for action after the fact.

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