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How to Require Guest Names and Ages

Collect names, ages, and email addresses for all guests staying at the property.

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Within the rate settings for each property there is an option to turn on/off the requirement to enter guest names, ages, and email addresses during the online booking process.

Require Guest Names and Ages

  1. Navigate to Rates / Rules tab of the property setup screen

  2. Click on the Rates Settings button

  3. Turn on/off require guest names

  4. Turn on/off require guest ages

  5. Turn on/off require guest emails

Guest View when Booking Online

Guests will be required to enter the names, ages, and email address of each guest when booking online.

Admin View when Adding a Reservation Manually

  1. Click the Guests tab in the guest control panel

  2. Click the Add Guest button

  3. Enter the guest name

  4. Enter the guests email address

  5. Select the guests age

Include Additional Information on the Rental Agreement

When "require guest names and/or ages" is turned on, the [GUEST_NAMES] merge tag can be used to populate the guest names and ages within the rental agreement.

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