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How to Move Guests Between Properties
How to Move Guests Between Properties

Move a guest from one property to another

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Moving guests between properties is an easy process. Follow the simple instructions below.

Click the Details Tab on the Invoice Screen

Remove the Original Property

Click the "-" icon to remove the original property from the invoice.

Add the New Property

Click the "+" icon to add the new property.

Choose the new property from the dropdown. Note that only properties that are available for the selected dates will be shown. If a property has a reservation or block that conflicts with any dates on the reservation, it will not be shown as an option to add to the reservation.

Update the Reservation

Note any Rate Changes!

The rental rates for the new property will reflect what has been set up in the application for the dates of the reservation. Likewise, any fees or taxes that are associated with this property will be added to the invoice. If the new property has different rates than the original, that will be reflected on the invoice. You may need to modify the rates if you intend to charge the guest the same rate for the new unit.

Any transactions (payments or refunds) that have been applied to the original invoice will remain.

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