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Editing and Downloading a Guest Invoice
Editing and Downloading a Guest Invoice

Learn how to edit and modify a guest invoice within Lodgix

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Rate, fee, and tax changes can be made directly to an invoice within Lodgix. Additionally, invoices can be downloaded for printing if a physical copy is needed.

Selecting an Invoice

Invoices can be selected by clicking on the invoice number from either the reservations list (Reservations > List All Reservations) or within the Guest Control Panel.

Modifying an Invoice

From the invoice edit screen, you can perform the following actions...

  1. Adjust the rental rate

  2. Adjust the required reservation deposit for this invoice

  3. Add / Remove / Edit the Services, Taxes, Deposits, Discounts, and Fees for the invoice

  4. Manage Transactions

  5. Download or Email documents

  6. Regenerate the Invoice to restore it to it's original state

Download Documents from the Guest Control Panel

Documents can be downloaded from the PDF Download dropdown on the Guest Control Panel. Those documents can then be printed.

Download Documents from the Invoice Screen

Documents also can be downloaded using the PDF Download dropdown in the Correspondence Options section of the Invoice Screen.

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