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Changing Dates of Stay for an Invoice
Changing Dates of Stay for an Invoice

Learn how make changes to the dates of a reservation

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Nights can be added / removed from the beginning / end of a reservation or the dates of stay can be modified completely.

Adding or Removing Nights from an Invoice

To add a night to the beginning or end of an invoice, open the invoice, and click on the "+" sign that is located next to the first date of the reservation or the last date of the reservation. Nights can be removed in the same fashion using the "-" sign...

Changing the Dates of Stay Completely

Open the invoice. At the top of the screen is the "Details" tab, click on it...

Click on the Start and/or End dates to modify them. The property can be changed here as well if moving the guest to a new unit...

Note: This process will regenerate your invoice. ALL payments will remain, but any changes made to rates, additional fees, deposits, etc.. will be lost.  Print the original invoice to have a reference for any special rates, fees, deposits, etc. that may have been applied to the invoice.

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