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Financial Reports

Details on various financial reports.

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Lodgix offers a comprehensive suite of reports to filter, view and export your data in a variety of ways.

List of Financial Reports

Financial reports can be found from the Reports icon in the upper right corner of the main Lodgix navigation. The Income and Transaction reports are covered in detail in a separate support article located here.

Advance Deposits Report

The Advance Deposits report allows the property manager to report on how much money has been taken in as a reservation deposit for stays that have not yet occurred.

  1. Select a date to base the report on. The report will display all deposits for future stays that were recorded by the selected date.

  2. The report can be run based on Invoice Start Date or Invoice End Date.

Cancellation Report

Displays all cancellations recorded during the selected date range, along with a note showing the source of the cancellation (Airbnb, VRBO, etc)

Comparative Revenue Report

The Comparative Revenue Report compares two income detail reports to show all bookings that were recorded by a certain date for any given year. This data allows you to make mid course corrections in the event that your bookings are down (or up!).

Note: The Comparative Revenue report uses the same data calculation methodology as the Income Detail report, meaning invoices that span multiple reporting periods will be prorated by night.

Data Dump Report

  1. Select the date range

  2. Choose which properties to include (default is ALL)

  3. Filter by Departure Date, Arrival Date, or Entered Date

  4. Include Referrer Information

  5. Break out Airbnb Host Fees in a separate column on the report

  6. Download to Excel (.csv file)

  7. Bookmark this report

The Data Dump report is not really a report. It's primary purpose is as a data backup. However if you have data that you want to parse using your own tools, the Data Dump Report will generate all reservation data for a given time frame, and download it in a .csv file. It doesn't output to the screen due to the number of columns in the report.

How is the Data Dump Report calculated?
The data dump report includes only invoices where the reservation end date (departure date) falls within the reporting period. Thus if the departure date is not within the chosen reporting period, the invoice will not show up in the data dump report.

As an example, if the data dump report is run for a period of December 1 to December 31 and there is a guest invoice with an arrival date of November 30 and a departure date of December 7, the invoice totals for that entire guest stay will be included on the data dump even though one night of the stay was in November.

This differs from the Income Detail report. The Income Detail report prorates invoices that span multiple reporting periods, including only the days that fall within the selected reporting period.

Discounts Report

The Discounts Report displays an itemized list of any invoices containing automated or coupon code related discounts for a specific period of time.

Fees and Services Report

The Fees and Services Report displays an itemized list of all service and fee revenue for the reporting period. One-time fees manually added to invoices are all grouped and listed as "One-Time Fees".

Note that this report is based on departure date, and will only include reservations with end dates that fall within the reporting period. It will not include reservations that start during the reporting period and end outside of it.

Fees can be expanded on the report to show fee revenue for each individual property.

Receivables Report

The Receivables Report shows all owed monies broken out by month. If an invoice is in an unconfirmed state and the guest has to pay the confirmation amount by a certain date and the remaining balance at a later date, that invoice will be listed twice on the report in the respective month in which monies are owed.

Rental Expenses Report

Displays an itemized list of rental expenses that were generated during the selected date range.

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