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Guest Data Gathering / Booking Survey

Collect data from guests at the time of booking. Learn how to edit the question, the responses and report on the results.

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At times it can be beneficial to collect marketing data from guests. For example,  it would be helpful to ask the guest how they heard about the property, or what is the purpose of their trip. This type of internal data can be collected with each reservation.

Settings > Important Settings > Marketing

  1. Define the question.

  2. Default answer (set within the list of possible answers).

  3. Description of the question. Displayed with the question when a guest books online.

  4. Option to display to the guest when booking online. If not checked, the guest will not see the question.

  5. Option to display within the guest control panel for each invoice. If checked, the answer provided by the guest will be displayed on Setup tab of the guest control panel.

  6. Add your list of answers.

  7. Select a default answer.

  8. Save.

What the Guest Sees When Booking Online

What the Property Manager Sees Within the Guest Control Panel

Overlaying Question Results on the Internal Calendar Tape

Within Calendar Tape > Configuration Options > Color Assignments there is an ability to customize the colors of each reservation displayed on the calendar to correlate with the answer provided to the custom question.

Referral Report

Within the referral report, there is a line item for "Booking Survey".    This line item tracks the responses to the marketing question that can be asked to your guests at the time of booking.

The report will show the responses, the quantity of recorded responses, as well as some other metrics to quantify how many invoices were attributed to a particular response.

The bottom of the report will itemize each invoice.  Look for those invoices with an entry in the booking survey column to identify specific invoices within the totals reported at the top of the report.

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