Rental inventory can be located in different areas and it can be helpful to have unique pages created which highlight only the inventory in that area.

Alternately, the rental inventory may all be in the same location, but have different characteristics which are used to group properties, such a "Oceanfront" or "2nd Row".

Both of these scenarios require the use of the Category Manager.

Step #1: Open the Category Manager within Lodgix

Step #2: Define the Categories

The order can be changed using the drag and drop interface.


The arrow points to the subcategories button. For example, Paris has a bunch of areas including left bank, right bank, etc..

Step #3: Assign each Category to a Property

There are two ways to assign categories / subcategories to properties.

Within the Properties > List All Properties interface the category - subcategory can be selected. This is the easiest method as the category can be changed across many properties very quickly.

Or within the property setup itself:

Regenerate Pages in WordPress

Once the categories have been defined and assigned to properties, it is time to "save and regenerate" the pages within the Lodgix WordPress plug-in. Once this step is complete, the "category pages" will be generated and show up within WordPress.

Add the New Pages to Menus

Within WordPress, navigate to Appearance > Menus

  1. Select the Category that you want to add and click the "Add to Menu" button
  2. Position the Category using the drag and drop interface
  3. Save

Example of Category Pages as Submenus

Example of Category - Subcategory within Rental Search Widget

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