iCal can be used to sync availability between your Lodgix and HomeAway listings. However, we always recommend using the HomeAway integration for calendar syncing as it provides the added benefit of listing sync, and connection to the BookItNow platform on HomeAway.

Location of Lodgix iCalendar Menu

Exporting Calendar Data from Lodgix into HomeAway

Cut and paste the provide iCal export URL for each property into the corresponding HomeAway listing. See next step.

HomeAway iCal import instructions above and linked to below.


Importing Calendar Data from HomeAway into Lodgix as Blocks

HomeAway exports calendar data as an iCal feed for each listing on HomeAway. This feed is limited to data like check-in / check-out dates and times and the guest name., Because the data is extremely limited, Lodgix can only create blocks on the calendar tape from iCal data. The blocks will assure that no reservations created on Lodgix will double book with reservations created on HomeAway. Additionally the blocks from HomeAway can update your calendars at Airbnb and any other platforms that accepts iCal importing to assure that bookings on those platforms don't result in double bookings.

iCal Import Display on the Lodgix Calendar Tape

Imported iCal data is shown in black. The callout display will show who created the block and from what iCal source the block originated.

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