Localization includes all regional and country specific settings.

  1. Default country. When making both online and manual bookings, there is a "Country" field. That field can be set to default to the country of choice.

  2. Preferred currency. Lodgix allows for one default currency. If the currency for your country is not listed, please contact Lodgix support and we will add it.

  3. Time format.  12 hour or 24 hour.

  4. Date format. Many options.

  5. Timezone. Important to set this correctly otherwise the timing of triggers and dashboard items will be off.

  6. Available languages.  This setting allows for translations to be entered for online booking related items. When languages are selected all guest facing fields will then have an option of entering language specific translations. See next step for an example.

Additional languages an example

In the Available Languages area, German is selected as an additional language. Navigating to any Lodgix page containing text that a guest can view in the Wordpress plug-in or within the online booking page will now contain additional fields to enter the language specific translations. In the example above, the German flag is now clearly displayed in the upper right corner of the interface.

Clicking on the German flag will display the Cancellation and deposit policies in German which have been auto-translated.

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