Children, pets, events and smoking can be allowed or forbidden. These policies are configured from Settings > Policies.

Create a Template

Policy templates can be configured and assigned to properties from Settings > Policies.

  1. Select the template to manage
  2. Edit the template
  3. Delete the template
  4. Copy the template
  5. Add a new template

Set the Policies

From the Edit Policy screen...

  1. Name the policy
  2. Allow Children: Turn on or off
  3. Allow Events: Turn on or off
  4. Allow Smoking: Turn on or off
  5. Allow Pets: Turn on or off
  6. Additional details about the pet policy, such as type and number of pets allowed.
  7. Set the maximum number of pets allowed
  8. Set a minimum age to rent the property

Assign a Template to Each Property

Assign a template to each property.

Where to set up the Pet Fee

Pet fees can be defined from Settings > Deposits / Fees / Services / Taxes > Fees

  1. Name the fee
  2. Set the fee amount. This will be charged per pet. 
  3. Will the pet fee be a nightly fee or a one-time fee?
  4. Choose "Pet Fee Trigger" as the type of fee.
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