It is recommended that a minimum of eight high quality images be uploaded to Lodgix for every property / room. The images are displayed during the booking process, through our WordPress plugin on your website, and sent to the various channels through our integrations.

Videos are not used at all during the booking process. Video links should only be added to Lodgix if you are using our WordPress plugin. The same is true for virtual tours.

Where to add images, videos and virtual tours?

Go to Properties --> List All Units / Rooms and edit the property (pencil icon) in which you wish to add images, videos or virtual tours. Go to the Gallery Tab. In the upper left corner of the tab there are now three links for Images | Videos | Virtual Tours

Image Upload Interface

Image size. Please review the size of your images. We recommend having at least 2000px width for your images. The image size should not exceed 1.5mb. Large images take longer for phones to download. To save file size, we recommend resizing all images to 2500px. Additionally you can compress your images further using this online tool:

Lodgix does convert all images to the JPG format which is a compression algorithm in itself. However to get the low files sizes that make images load fast, you will need to keep the pixel width in that 2500 px range, while also using a third party image compressor. The result will be large, crisp images but in a much smaller file size.

Videos - Input Location of Video URL

ONE video can be added per property. In the future we will expand on this, but at present only one video per property is allowed. VIDEOS CANNOT BE UPLOADED TO LODGIX.COM. For best clarity and resolution, I suggest uploading your videos to YouTube in HD, or to Once uploaded, just cut and paste the actual URL where the video is located into Lodgix. In the example above the URL is:

Do not use the embed code many of these video sharing sites provide, it will NOT work!

Videos - What Happens on WordPress?

Once the video URL has been saved, the plugin will update your website within 10 minutes. You can always manually regenerate the plugin pages within the plugin settings on WordPress or just wait 10 minutes.

A new video icon will appear on those property pages where a video URL was inputted (see red arrow above). Click on the icon and the video will open in a fancy lightbox and begin to play.

Virtual Tours - Input Location of Virtual Tour

Once the virtual tour URL has been entered (and saved) within Lodgix, your website (via the WordPress plugin) will update within 10 minutes.

Virtual Tours - What Happens on WordPress?

A virtual tour icon will appear within the property listing page of your website (see red arrow above). Once clicked a new page will open and the website guest will be taken to the URL of the virtual tour provider.

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