It is recommended that a minimum of ten high quality images be uploaded to Lodgix for every property . The images are displayed during the booking process, on your website, and on channels like vrbo and airbnb.

Where to add images, videos and virtual tours?

Image Upload Interface

We recommend having at least 2000px width for your images. The image size should not exceed 5mb. To save file size, we recommend resizing all images to 2000px. Additionally you can compress your images further using this online tool:

PLEASE ONLY USE IMAGES TAKEN IN A LANDSCAPE ORIENTATION. as many of the devices your GUEST will be using are optimised to show wider images best (even if it means rotating their phone sideways!).

Vertically oriented images will many times be magnified to fit the images into the image viewer.

Videos - Input Location of Video URL

ONE video can be added per property. VIDEOS CANNOT BE UPLOADED TO LODGIX.COM. For best clarity and resolution, I suggest uploading your videos to YouTube in HD, or to Once uploaded, just cut and paste the actual URL where the video is located into Lodgix. In the example above the URL is:

Do not use the embed code many of these video sharing sites provide, it will NOT work!

Videos - What will they look like on my website?

When a video url is added to a property, that video will become the first image in the image viewer and be displayed with a corresponding play button for immediate viewing. A video icon will also appear in listing of all properties.

Virtual Tours - Input Location of Virtual Tour

Only matterport URLs are accepted.

Virtual Tours - What Happens on WordPress?

A virtual tour icon will appear within the image viewer. Once clicked, a window will open and the website guest will be taken to the URL of the virtual tour provider.

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