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Adding Images, Videos and Virtual Tours

Tips for adding images to Lodgix

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It is recommended that a minimum of ten high quality images be uploaded to Lodgix for every property . The images are displayed during the booking process, on your website, and on channels like VRBO and Airbnb.

Image Gallery Interface

  1. Delete all Photos. Deletes all existing photos for the property.

  2. Regenerate Thumbnails. This is rarely used. It regenerates all thumbnails that are used throughout the Lodgix system and WordPress plugin.

  3. This is where you will upload all new images for the property. Click and drag them to upload, or select them from your device.

  4. Manage your existing images. You can reorder the images, set a primary image, and create captions for your images.

  5. Add a video URL. Note that you cannot upload a video here, you will add a link to a video that has been uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo.

  6. Add a virtual tour URL. Add a link to a virtual tour. Only tours that are hosted on Matterport are accepted.

  7. Save your changes

Image Details

  1. This notes the primary photo for the listing. This will be displayed first on your website and at the channels.

  2. This is the uploaded image size. We recommend having at least 2000px width for your images. The image size should not exceed 5mb. If necessary, you can compress your images using this online tool:

  3. Add a caption for your images. This will be displayed at the channels and on your website if using the WordPress plugin.

  4. Use the icons to set the primary image, download an image, or delete an image.

IMPORTANT! - Please only use images taken in a landscape orientation. The channels and plugin are optimized to display wider images. Images with a vertical or portrait orientation will be heavily cropped.

VRBO Hero Images

In early March 2024, VRBO rolled out a new test that will run a machine-learning algorithm on listing images. It will select and show to travelers the highest-performing listing image as the primary, hero image and reorganize the gallery sort of images. Note that the image order in Lodgix will not be considered by VRBO, and VRBO does not allow the host or Lodgix to reorganize these images.

Adding Videos

One video can be added per property. Videos cannot be uploaded directly to You will have to upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo. Once uploaded, just copy and paste the actual URL where the video is located into Lodgix. Do not use the embed code many of these video sharing sites provide, it will not work!

How the Video is Displayed on Your Website

When a video url is added to a property, that video will become the first image in the image viewer and be displayed with a corresponding play button for immediate viewing. A video icon will also appear in listing of all properties.

Virtual Tours

Enter the URL of the virtual tour into Lodgix. Only matterport URLs are accepted.

How the Virtual Tour is Displayed on your Website

A virtual tour icon will appear within the image viewer. Once clicked, a window will open and the website guest will be taken to the URL of the virtual tour provider.

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