How Do I Cancel My Account?

No calls or emails required, cancel from within your Lodgix account

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WE CANNOT CANCEL YOUR ACCOUNT OVER THE PHONE! This is because we provide you the online tools to easily cancel your subscription from within your account.

Before canceling your account it is important to note that your account will go into a suspended status after it is canceled. For 12 months after your cancellation you can re-subscribe at anytime and experience no loss of your account data.

If you are a new account that is unsure if Lodgix meets your needs, we recommend that you reach out to us prior to cancellation for a live one on one demo. This will allow us to review your needs and determine if Lodgix can help. You can schedule a demo at your convenience here:

If you do decide to cancel you can do so from the Settings > Billing Profile tab as shown below

Click on the Cancel button

Confirm your Cancellation

Please provide feedback on your experience and check the three boxes noting your full understanding of how the cancellation works. Then click the Confirm button. That's it, you are done. Your account data will remain on the system for 12 months after cancellation. If you decide to re-subscribe at a later date, all of your account data will be ready and available for use.

Please call us directly at 877-593-2083 if there is anything we can do to help you get your account up and running, we are available at any time to help!

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