To cancel an invoice requires going into the reservation history for a guest within the guest control panel.

Click on the "Cancel" icon

Step #2 - Cancellation Window

  1. Cancellation Fee - this is VERY important if the guest is going to be financially penalized for canceling the reservation.  IMPORTANT!  A "cancellation fee" line item is always added to a canceled invoice, even if the amount is set at zero.   This allows the addition or editing of a cancellation fee after the invoice has been canceled.
  2. Issue Refund - this field will populate with the total amount of any payments the guest has made towards the invoice. If a cancellation fee is assessed then the refund amount must be reduced by the amount of the cancellation fee. Otherwise the invoice will not come out to a zero balance. The system will make this adjustment for you.
  3. Enter any notes pertaining to the cancellation.

Editing payments / refunds on canceled invoices

Een though payments and refunds cannot be edited WITHIN  a canceled invoice, they can be edited within the Transactions tab of the guest control panel for that invoice.

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