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Bookmarked Reports

Save reports to run with one click or send as trigger attachments

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Some reports need to be run on a regular basis, with specific settings applied to the report. Lodgix allows you to save or "Bookmark" reports so that you can easily run them when necessary.

Click the Bookmark Icon on any Report

Configure the Report Settings

Configure the settings for the bookmarked report. Each report has different settings that can be applied. In this example we are running an Arrival Report for last month, for All Properties, and including both Owner/iCal and Subscriber blocks. Click OK when complete.

View and Run Your Bookmarked Reports

Click on Reports > Bookmarked Reports to view your saved reports. This interface is explained below...

  1. Name: The name you have given the report.

  2. Report Sysname: The name of the report in the Lodgix system.

  3. Type: PDF or Excel.

  4. Settings: The settings that you have configured for the bookmarked report.

  5. Download: Run the saved report with one click.

  6. Edit: Edit the bookmarked settings.

  7. Delete: Delete the saved report.

Include a Bookmarked Report as an Attachment in a Trigger Email

The "Trigger This Action" section of the triggers interface allows you to run and attach a bookmarked report to a trigger email.

As an example, this could be used to send a trigger with an attached Arrival Report to a team member at the start of each week.

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