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Sending an SMS Message Trigger
Sending an SMS Message Trigger

Trigger an SMS message to your recipients.

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In the "Trigger This Action" section, you will set the action for the trigger. This can be either Email or SMS. Multiple actions can exist within one trigger.

Important! - SMS for Channel Bookings

Please note that SMS messages cannot be sent to guests that book via any of our API connections. This includes Airbnb, VRBO,, Expedia, etc. There are very strict rules regarding SMS opt in, and although these guests may have opted into receiving messages from the channel they booked on, they have not opted in to receive messages directly from you or Lodgix.

Add an Action

Select SMS

Configure the SMS Message

  1. Enter the body of the text message. There is a limit of 160 characters.

  2. Add Merge Tags as necessary. More details on merge tags below.

Merge Tags

Merge tags allow you to dynamically add information to the message. This includes guest, property, company, and invoice specific information. All available tags are shown in the dropdown.

For example, you could use the [GUESTFIRSTNAME] tag to add the first name of the guest to the message, or the [RCHECKINTIME] tag to add the reservation check in time.

  1. Select the merge tag from the list. Note that due to maximum character restrictions, less merge tags are available to add to SMS messages than emails.

  2. Click the Insert Tag button to add the tag to the body of the message

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