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Disconnecting from PriceLabs / Beyond Pricing
Disconnecting from PriceLabs / Beyond Pricing

What happens if dynamic pricing is disconnected?

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Written by Brent Kleinheksel
Updated over a week ago

If the integration to Pricelabs or Beyond Pricing is disconnected,  the last batch of pricing and rules that were pushed to Lodgix will remain.

Note:  If the VRT interface is not able to be changed or edited,  that would mean that Lodgix is not yet disconnected from PriceLabs or Beyond Pricing.   Please return to:

select the tab of your chosen dynamic pricing provider and then disable the connection.

To revert back to Lodgix pricing and rules, please return to the visual rates tape (VRT) and either use the "Select All " button to select all properties, or individually select the property(s) you wish to reset. 

Once complete, click the "Change All" button, a window will open, click "Reset" and then confirm the reset request.

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