To enable Lodgix to work with PriceLabs requires a account (they have a free trial) and it requires some configuration in Lodgix.

Go to Calendar > Dynamic Pricing > PriceLabs and enable the connection, choose which properties you wish to test with PriceLabs and then copy the api key.

Next  sign up for a free trial at (or sign in to your existing account). There will be an option to connect to your PMS:

Choose Lodgix:

Enter the API key from the Lodgix / PriceLabs interface:

Hit "Connect" and your properties will be sync'd to PriceLabs.


  1. Dynamic pricing pushes NIGHTLY rates only. Any existing weekly and / or monthly rates setup in Lodgix WILL REMAIN IN PLACE for bookings that occur from your website or are taken manually within Lodgix.

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