PriceLabs Integration

How to sync with PriceLabs

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To enable Lodgix to work with PriceLabs requires a account (they have a free trial) and it requires some configuration in Lodgix.

Go to Calendar > Dynamic Pricing > PriceLabs and enable the connection, choose which properties you wish to test with PriceLabs and then copy the api key.

Next  sign up for a free trial at (or sign in to your existing account). There will be an option to connect to your PMS:

Choose Lodgix:

Enter the API key from the Lodgix / PriceLabs interface:

Hit "Connect" and your properties will be sync'd to PriceLabs.


  1. Dynamic pricing pushes NIGHTLY rates only. Any existing weekly and / or monthly rates setup in Lodgix WILL REMAIN IN PLACE for bookings that occur from your website or are taken manually within Lodgix.

  2. Minimum night rules are also synced from Pricelabs to Lodgix.

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