Plugin Conflicts

Occasionally Lodgix users will experience issues caused by a conflict with another plugin. The most common issues are your website not verifying, or the "Save and Regenerate" button not working properly. The only way to troubleshoot this is trial and error. Follow the steps below in order to determine which plugin is causing the issue.

Remove Unnecessary Plugins And Update The Rest

Many WordPress users have way too many plugins installed. Worse yet, many of the plugins aren't even being used. If you are not using a plugin, deactivate it and then delete it. Once you've deleted all unnecessary plugins, then make sure all of your existing plugins are updated to the latest version.

After you have done this, attempt to verify or regenerate the site again and see if the issue has resolved. If not, continue to the next step.

Test Remaining Plugins

Deactivate all remaining plugins with the exception of the Lodgix plugin. Attempt to verify or regenerate the site. If the problem still persists, it is not being caused by a plugin conflict. If the problem has resolved, you will have to determine which plugin was causing the issue. To do this you will have to enable each plugin one at a time, and attempt to verify or regenerate the site after each activation.

Eventually you will isolate the plugin that is causing the conflict as the website will not verify or regenerate after activating that plugin.

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