Creating Pages for Property Groups Using Tags

Tags can be assigned to each property within Lodgix. These can then be used to create specific sets of search results through the WordPress plugin.

Assigning Tags to a Property

Tags can be assigned to properties from the Details tab of the property edit screen. You can add multiple tags by separating them with either commas or spaces.

It's important to note that multi word tags must be enclosed in quotation marks to have a corresponding page created in wordpress for that tag. Without the quotes, there will be individual pages created for each work in the phrase. For example, for "garden city", without the quotes there would be two pages created, one for "garden" and one for "city", neither of which really have any value.

URLs for custom navigation items will be structured as follows:

[YOUR DOMAIN]/search-rentals/?tag=[TAG NAME]

Below are two sample URLs...,wilmington

Note that the tag argument can be a tag or several comma separated tags. If several tags are specified, only properties having all the tags will be listed.

Adding the Custom URL to Your WordPress Navigation

  1. Within WordPress, navigate to Appearance > Menus
  2. Enter the Custom URL for the tag(s)
  3. Enter the text that you want to display for the navigation link
  4. Click Add to Menu, then drag the menu item to the correct position in the menu structure
  5. Click Save Menu

View the Custom Page on your Website

The new menu item will now display a custom search results page featuring only the properties that contain the tag(s) specified in the URL.

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