Purchasing Travel Insurance AFTER a Booking Has Been Made

The Lodgix travel insurance program is unique in that it allows travel insurance to be purchased up to 24 hours before arrival.

Please read the FAQ for answers to common questions about travel insurance:


There is the [TI_PURCHASE_LINK] merge tag which can be very useful. This tag will generate a link to the iTravelinsured website which will pre-populate the purchase form with the guest's invoice and contact data.

The "Travel insurance purchase reminder" email template can be edited here:


If the [TI_PURCHASE_LINK] merge tag is removed, the link will not be generated.

Manually email the guest using the email template

The four (4) steps above show the process for composing a manual email to the guest using the travel insurance email template.

Sending a Travel Insurance Reminder Trigger

You can create a trigger that will send a link to purchase travel insurance to all guests that have not already insured their trip. Instructions are located here: Travel Insurance Reminder Trigger

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