The application will not allow credit card data to be entered until a payment gateway has been setup. Without a payment gateway, there is no way to store credit card data for your guests.

Guest Control Panel

Billing Tab

A payment gateway must be setup and your credentials entered. Once that is complete, your guest credit card data can be entered under the "Billing" tab within the guest control panel for each guest. Please note that the Billing tab will only become visible once a reservation has been entered for a guest.

Transactions Tab w/ No Credit Card Data

The Transactions tab is where payments can be both processed and recorded for a reservation. Note that ONLY the "Record Payment" button will be shown when no guest credit card data is associated with the reservation. Once the credit card data has been entered within the Billing tab, the Transactions tab will update to include additional options for "Processing" a payment.

The link to the Virtual Terminal is a courtesy link for those rare times when you need to make an adjustment using the virtual terminal itself. For example, maybe you need to void a guest transaction. Clicking on the link will load the virtual terminal for your gateway and allow you to log in to the virtual terminal.

Invoice w/ No Credit Card Data

Payments can also be processed and recorded from within a guest invoice using the Transaction Window on the far left side of the invoice. Similar to the Payments tab within the guest control panel, there will only be options for recording a payment if no credit card data has been entered for the guest.

Payments Tab w/ Credit Card Data

The interfaces change when the payment gateway has been successfully setup and credit card data entered for a particular reservation. In the screen shot above it shows there is now a button present for "Process & Record Payment". When a payment is processed, securely communicates with your payment gateway to process the transaction, just as would normally be done through your virtual terminal.

If the payment is successful, it will show up under the transactions area showing the date and sum of the transaction. Additionally, you will know for certain that the transaction was processed successfully if the logo of your payment gateway appears next to the payment.

Invoice w/ Credit Card Data

When guest credit card data has been entered for a reservation, the invoice will also update with a link to "Process Payment" (of course the payment will also be recorded). Additionally, there is a courtesy link to the virtual terminal.

Processing Payment Options

When you choose to "Process & Record" a payment, a modal window will open. This window will give you options to enter a manual amount to be charged, or you can have the application choose the correct amount to be charged by using the Confirm or Balance buttons. Confirm = amount required to confirm the reservation. Balance = remaining balance owed on the invoice / reservation. The card detail fields are grayed out because edits can only be made within the Billing tab of the guest control panel.

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