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Guest Control Panel - Overview
Guest Control Panel - Overview
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The guest control panel displays invoice specific information using vertical tabs.

Setup Tab

Editable fields for Entered Date, Entered By as well as the ability to request a rental agreement digital signature.  If a guest leaves a note to you during the online booking process, this note will be displayed here and the tab will turn red alerting you to the presence of a comment from the guest. Additionally, you can leave a note here and reference the note within the PDF tempates as <INVOICE_COMMENTS>.

Door Locks Tab

If integrated to RemoteLock, PointCentral, Kaba or eRentalLock,  all generated door codes will be displayed under the Door Locks tab.

Guests Tab

Conversations Tab

  1. Clicking on the paperclip will display any attached or generated PDFs.

  2. Clicking on the description of the email will display the text of the email.

  3. Any uploaded files that were attached to the email to the guest will show the filename of the attachment.

  4. A timestamp for each email is displayed.

  5. The Triggers Queue tab will show a list of all triggers set to fire for this reservation, and display the send date/time for all triggers that have fired. 

Billing Tab

The credit card images will change depending on what payment types have been selected within the Payment Gateway setup area of Lodgix.

Delete Billing Data - This button will delete the credit card information associated with this particular reservation. If the same billing information is used on other reservations for this guest, it will be deleted from those reservations as well. If another card exists for the guest, that will become the primary guest card and will be used if another reservation is added.

Transactions Tab

Documents Tab

This is a document storage area for every invoice. If a rental agreement is signed digitally it will be stored here. If printed rental agreements are still being used, the signed agreement can be scanned and uploaded here (make sure to denote it as a rental agreement in the upload window). This is also the place where manual digital signature requests can be made for bookings that are taken over the phone or that come in from third parties like VRBO or

Commissions Tab

This tabs allows invoice specific commissions to be set. Perhaps an invoice comes through which the property owner has done most of the legwork and an alternative commission structure is negotiated for only that invoice. The commission can now be edited at the invoice level, which will then flow through to the owner statement.

Housekeeping Tab

This are is for assigning a housekeeper to a reservation.  Any comments left here will show up in the Housekeeping App.   Housekeepers can communicate via the app to update comments, status of the clean, etc..

History Tab

Some invoice operations are logged. This allows us and the property manager to track down certain events when questions arise. The logs don't lie!

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