A service can be items like bike rentals, mid-stay cleanings, etc. Services are added, edited or removed from properties from Settings > Deposit / Fees / Services / Taxes > Services. See below for an illustration.

Settings > Inventory > Deposit / Fees / Services / Taxes

Click on the Services Tab

  1. Click on the Add Services button if there are no existing Services

  2. Click on the "+" icon if there is already a Service present

Fill In Service Information

  1. Name the Service

  2. Describe the Service

  3. Assign a value

  4. Choose percent or fixed

  5. Choose how the Service is billed (One Time, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly)

  6. Service revenue can be passed on to the property owner and charged a commission as with rental income, or passed directly to the property owner in full without collecting any commission.

  7. Important! If the Service is taxed make sure to choose which taxes are to be collected on the Service. Also select if the Service is discountable, if a quantity can be selected, and if the Service is internal. Internal Services are not visible to the guest, but are available to be added to invoices.

  8. SAVE

Add the Service to Properties

  1. Select the Service

  2. Add to ALL properties or

  3. Add to individual properties

The arrow shows how the table can be manipulated to show which properties the service is assigned to (or not assigned).

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