Adding or Removing Individual Nights
To add a night from an invoice, open the invoice, and click on the "+" sign that is located next to the first date of the reservation or the last date of the reservation. If the guest wishes to add nights to the beginning of the reservation, then you would click on the "+" sign next to the original arrival date. If the guest wishes to extend his / her stay, then click on the "+" sign on the original departure date.

Adding Weeks or Months or Changing the Dates of Stay Completely

Open the invoice. At the top of the screen is the "Details" tab, click on it.

Note: This process will regenerate your invoice. ALL payments will remain, but any changes made to rates, additional fees, deposits, etc.. will be lost.  Print the original invoice to have a reference for any special rates, fees, deposits, etc. that may have been applied to the invoice.

On the details tab you can change the dates of the stay, add days, weeks, months, etc.. Additionally if you need to change the assigned property you can do that as well.

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