There are times when dates simply need to be blocked off for property repairs, personal stays, friends, maintenance, and other reasons. Lodgix allows you to easily block / unblock dates for individual units or for units in bulk.

For individual property blocks, it's easier to block dates from the calendar tape as described later in this article.

Blocking Dates Using Block Dates Advanced 

If you want to add a reason for the block or to block off multiple units for the same dates, then you MUST use the  Block Dates interface accessible Calendar Tape > Block Dates Advanced.

  1. Click to enter the reason for the blocked dates
  2. Enter the start date of the block
  3. Enter the end date of the block
  4. Click the green "+" icon to block individual units or if you wish to block all of your units for those dates, click ALL
  5. Click SAVE button to initiate the block(s)

Blocking Individual Properties Using the Calendar Tape

  1. Select your dates to block on the calendar tape and choose Block
  2. A field will appear to enter the reason for the block
  3. Click the block  button and optionally enter a reason for the block (renovation, guest name, owner block, etc. and then click the 2nd Block button to save the block.


How a Block Appears on Calendar Tape

  1. A block in black is a block made by a subscriber or employee.
  2. A block in dark blue is a block made by a property owner (or made by a subscriber / employee but designated as an owner block). Requires property management module.

Owner Blocks

Note: This functionality requires the use of the Property Management Module.

Owner blocks are typically done by the owner. Once the owner has been issued login credentials by the PM, the owner can login to Lodgix and block off dates in which they wish to make unavailable for rental. When the owner makes a block, that block shows up in the Lodgix calendar tape in dark blue.

Owner blocks will show up in the Arrival and Housekeeping Reports.

Administrators and Employees can also make blocks and designate them as an owner block. This can be helpful when an owner calls a PM to block off dates for them, or when an a PM does not offer access to Lodgix for their owners. In these instances, the subscriber or employee can designate a block as an owner block (see screenshot above) which cause the block to appear in dark blue on the calendar tape, and it will also allow the block to appear in the housekeeping and arrival reports.

Note: For the "designate as an owner block" option to appear requires that the property being blocked be assigned to an actual owner within the property management module. 


Example of Housekeeping Report w/ Owner Blocks

Calendar Tape Tool Tips for Owner Blocks

The calendar tape uses tool tips to display additional information on all blocks. Onmouseover the tool tip will display whom made the block (owner name, employee name, etc.), the dates the block are for and any additional notes about the block.

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