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Airbnb Request to Book
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While most Property Managers choose to allow Instant Bookings on Airbnb, it is possible to configure Lodgix to allow for Request to Book at Airbnb instead.

Set Properties to Request to Book

On the Airbnb Integrations screen, Request to Book Only can be set on a per property basis. This will set that specific property to not allow instant book, and instead use request to book for all reservation requests.

Request to Book is Received

When a booking request is received, a conversation will be created in the Unified Inbox for that request. The conversation will include buttons to Accept or Decline the request.

Accept / Decline the Request

Once the request is received, the status of the request will be updated as follows...

  1. Request to Book: This is a new request that has not been accepted or declined.

  2. Request Declined: This was reviewed and declined.

  3. Request Expired: This was not reviewed in time and the request has expired.

  4. Request Withdrawn: The request was cancelled by the guest.

  5. Booked: The request was reviewed and accepted.

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