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File Uploads

Static files to be included in guest communications

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File uploads allow you to upload documents that are frequently requested by guests and that you might like to include when communicating with a guest. These documents can then be included in manual emails to guests, and used in the triggers component of Lodgix.

File Uploads Location

File Uploads Interface

  1. Click to upload a new file

  2. List of all uploaded files

  3. Property to which file is assigned (more on this below)

Any .doc or .pdf file can be uploaded to the application. If your file contains any characters, commas or symbols (&, @, or others), it will generate an error. Please make sure your file name does not include any extra spaces or characters including any foreign language characters.

Assigning a File to a Property

Files can be assigned to a specific property, for use with the Trigger component of the application. This is useful if a separate PDF is required for each property. For example, each property may have a unique information sheet that is provided to the guest. You can assign the file to a property when first uploading the file, or directly from the file list as shown above.

Manually Adding an Uploaded File to a Trigger

Uploaded files can be included as attachments in trigger emails. The option "Document (chosen by invoice)" will attach the file that has been assigned to the property for which the trigger is firing. If the invoice contains multiple properties, the Document for each property on the invoice will be attached.

Adding an Uploaded File via the Send Email Window

Uploaded files can be also attached to manual emails sent from the Conversations tab of the guest control panel, or the Correspondence Options panel of the edit invoice screen.

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