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How to Confirm a Reservation
How to Confirm a Reservation

Process or record a payment to confirm reservations

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When a reservation is made an invoice is created. The invoice status by default is unconfirmed. Note that there is no "Confirm" button within each new invoice. The only way to confirm a reservation is to process or record a payment for the reservation deposit.

Your reservation deposit can be configured here:

Confirming a Reservation from the Invoice Screen

  1. Reservation Status: Will initially be set to Unconfirmed

  2. Confirmation Breakdown: Displays the amount required to confirm the reservation.

  3. Modify the required reservation deposit on an invoice level (see below)

  4. Process or Record a payment to confirm the reservation

Changing the Reservation Deposit for an Invoice

Click the reservation deposit edit icon...

Modify the amount, and optionally switch between a fixed and percentage based deposit...

Confirm a Reservation from the Guest Control Panel

Reservations can also be confirmed from the Guest Control Panel...

  1. Navigate to the "Transactions" tab

  2. Record a payment or

  3. Process a payment

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