eCheck Acceptance

Providing eChecks as a payment method to your guests can save your vacation rental business a ton of money in credit card processing fees. The article below explains how to setup and accept eChecks.

Setup Step #1- Payment Gateway

Check with your payment gateway to determine if you must add support for eChecks at the gateway. For most gateways, there is a separate fee structure and terms that must be agreed to before you can begin accepting eChecks.

You can view the documentation for here:

Setup Step #2 - Lodgix

  1. Once you are all setup to accept eChecks at your payment gateway, go to Settings > Account Settings > Payment Gateway Setup within Lodgix.

  2. Click the Accepted Payment Types tab and click on the box to begin offering eChecks as a payment method.

Guest Online Booking Experience

Once eCheck is set as a payment method (and setup at your payment gateway), the guest will be able to choose to pay via eCheck or any other activate payment method.

Phone Bookings

The process for taking an eCheck over the phone is the same as taking a credit card over the phone. The guest's bank account data must first be entered within the Billing Details tab of the guest control panel. Once entered, a payment profile will be created at the gateway and a "Process and Record Payment" button will become visible both within the invoice and within the Payments Tab within the guest control panel.

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