Configuring the Plugin

The vacation rental WordPress plugin requires a valid subscription. The plugin was designed to use the API to communicate with your account to easily build and sync your rental inventory to your website in a great looking, sortable, interface.

The plugin is preloaded with our demo account API credentials which will allow you to activate the plugin, autofill in the credentials of the demo account and experiment with how the plugin can work with your own website.

The arrow shows how to obtain the demo account credentials. Just click on the link and the credentials will fill in for you.

Obtaining your plugin credentials from

Login to your account. If you don't have a Lodgix account, we offer a free 30 day, no credit card required trial. Signup takes less than a minute. Signup now for your free 30 day, no credit card required, trial.

Click on the Settings > Important Settings menu item (upper right corner, under the cog wheel)

Step #1 Note your Customer ID and enter it into the plugin settings

Step #2: Generate an API Key and copy / paste into the plugin settings

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