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Per Person Rates

Charge an additional fee for each guest over a certain amount

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Per person rates can be configured for each property, charging an additional per night fee for each guest beyond the base number of guests the rate is based upon.

Turn on Per Person Rates

Per person rates can be enabled from the Rates / Rules tab of the property edit screen.

Set Maximum Guests

The Maximum Guests for each property is set from the Accommodations area within the Details Tab of the property edit screen.

Configure Per Person Rates

When editing any rate from the Rates tab of the property edit screen, you can now configure your Base Guests and Additional Guest Rate.

  1. The Base Guests must be at least one guest less than the maximum total guests for the property. Even with per person rates set, guests cannot exceed the max guests for the property. Note: The checkbox under Base Guests MUST be checked to enter your base number of guests.

  2. The additional guest rate will be charged per guest, per night for all guests beyond the number specified as the Base Guests.

Per Person Rates on HomeAway Invoices

For most invoices, the nightly total will reflect the base guests plus any additional guest fees. However, for HomeAway invoices the nightly rate will always reflect the base guest nightly rate. Any additional guests rates are added as a fee on a separate line of the invoice.

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