Lodgix offers an open API that can be used by developers for custom integrations with our software. You can request the latest version of our API documentation at any time via email or our support chat. Below you can find a brief overview and example.


Please use the following basic form when accessing the API:



<response­type>: the type of data you wish the call to return. The current option for this parameter is ‘xml’.

<data­type>: the type of data to be accessed. Currently, the data­types available are ‘reservations’, ‘properties’, and ’owners’.

<method>: Available methods for each data type are provided in our API documentation

Token Authentication

All API calls require a parameter named ‘Token’. This token is different for each marketing partner and can be generated from your Lodgix account under Settings > Important Settings. This token MUST be paired with either the PropertyID or OwnerID parameter, depending upon the API call. OwnerID is equal to your Lodgix Customer ID and can also be found under Settings > Important Settings.

Token must be capitalized.

Note: Each property must contain at least four images to eligible to be queried by the API. If not results are returned for an particular query, please check to make sure that the property has at least four images associated with it.

API Call Example

Here is an example of an API call that will return all property listings for a subscriber account:









Note: You must replace the "Token" and "OwnerID" parameters with the ones associated with your account. Additionally, the url may not contain any spaces.






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