Note:  This method isn't ideal.  In recent tests,  mailjet blocks the sending of the form output into Lodgix.

Sending Inquiry Emails via SMTP

Inquiries from the Gravity Forms Lodgix inquiry forms are sent via email to Lodgix where they are parsed and recorded. Some hosting providers may restrict the sending of email directly from the website due to spam and abuse problems. This article provides an alternative send method if this is occurring, and inquiries are not being delivered to Lodgix.

Create a free Mailjet account


Go to and create a free account. This account will allow sending of up to 6,000 free emails each month. During the setup process you will be asked if you plan to send transactional email. Select yes.

Download the WP Mail SMTP plugin

From within WordPress, under Plugins > Add New, install and activate the WP Mail SMTP plugin.

Configure the plugin to send mail SMTP using the Mailjet account

From within WordPress, under Settings > WP Mail SMTP, configure the settings as noted below...

  1. From Email - This is the email address which emails are sent from.
  2. From Name - The name which emails are sent from.
  3. Mailer - Select "Other SMTP"
  4. SMTP Host - Provided by Mailjet
  5. Encryption - Provided by Mailjet
  6. SMTP Port - Provided by Mailjet
  7. Authentication - Switch to "On"
  8. SMTP Username - Provided by Mailjet
  9. SMTP Password - Provided by Mailjet
  10. Save

Items #4-6 and #8-9 can be found from within your Mailjet account under Transactional > SMTP. Please see the screenshot below.

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