Please follow the steps below to add a Vacation Rentals tab on your Facebook page. Here is the Lodgix page running the Lodgix Facebook app:


Facebook has restricted the use of third party applications to Facebook profiles containing 2000 likes or more. If your Facebook profile has <2000 likes, the Lodgix Facebook integration will not work for you.


Make sure you are logged into Facebook and have a Facebook business page created before attempting to complete the steps below.

  1. Go to Settings > Channel Management > Facebook App

  2. Go to the Lodgix Facebook App page at and click the "Add this App" button to authorize the app. The "Add to My Page" link should appear. Click it and select the Facebook page where you want to install the app.

  3. Go to your Facebook page and find a tab called "Vacation Rentals". Copy and paste your customer ID (located within settings > important settings, however it should be displayed for you) into the Your Customer ID field and your API Key (also located within settings > important settings) into the Lodgix API Key field and click the "Save Changes" button. Once you have done that, your Lodgix inventory will be displayed on Facebook.

Step 1: Go to Settings > Channel Management > Facebook App

Step 2: Go to the Lodgix Facebook App page

Click "Add To my Page"

Step 3: Select a Facebook Page(s) Where the Lodgix App Should Appear

Select Add Page Tab

Step 4: Wait for Facebook Page Ad Confirmation

Step 5: Go to your Facebook Page

Cut / paste your customer id and API key from the Facebook App settings page or settings > important settings within Lodgix.

Step 7: Your Lodgix Inventory will Populate Facebook

Step 9: Return to the Facebook App settings page within Lodgix

Each of the Facebook pages where the Lodgix App is installed, will be displayed in a tab. There you have the options of pagination (if you have large number of properties) and the option of turning off the display of designated properties on Facebook.

Additionally you can choose to not display any of the property listing tabs.

Step 10 (optional): Change the Position of the Menu Item on Facebook

Reorder the Vacation Rentals menu item to where you would like it to appear using the Manage Tabs functionality (under "More").

Rename the Menu Item

Change the name to whatever you desire.

Example of Menu Item Name Change

I changed mine to "Book Online" at

Troubleshooting - Invalid Request

When logged into Facebook, the Lodgix app tab can be viewed but when attempting to open it, an error, 'Invalid Request' is displayed. This error results from your browser not being able to accept cookies. To fix the issue, change the following cookie settings in your browser:

In Chrome (see above), go to settings > advanced settings. Under the Privacy section, click on the "Content Settings" button. Make sure that 'Block third-party cookies and site data' is not checked. If for some reason you feel you must have it checked, then click on Manage exceptions and add both * and * to the exception list.

In IE go to Internet Options -> Privacy and lower the little slider bar from 'Medium' to 'Accept all Cookies'

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