TripAdvisor Integration

Lodgix is integrated to TripAdvisor which comprises, and

TripAdvisor requires fifteen (15) or more property listings to qualify for the integration. The feed will sync availability and reservations, edit and create listings and pull inquiries for all TripAdvisor properties.

Please reach out to TripAdvisor to establish the connectivity between Lodgix and TripAdvisor. This is true for both new and existing TripAdvisor accounts. Email or fill out this form:

In your correspondence, please include your TripAdvisor account ID (existing TA clients only) and your Lodgix user id. Your Lodgix user id can be found here:

Go to Settings > Channel Management > Integrations

Once the connection is complete, TripAdvisor support will confirm the connection and instruct you to return to Lodgix to complete the property mappings.

On Lodgix, go to the TripAdvisor integration page here:

That will trigger a request to TA. If TA confirms the connection, and if you have existing TA listings, they will populate the interface (see next image). If TA does not have the connection setup yet, you will only see the standard instructional text.

The TripAdvisor Interface

  1. Lodgix ID = Lodgix Property ID.

  2. Lodgix Property = Name of Property as setup in Lodgix.

  3. Rate Multiplier = Utilized to pass channel commissions to the guest. If TripAdvisor charges 10% for every booking, set the rate multiplier to 1.10. This will increase rates for that property by 10% on TripAdvisor only.

  4. Marketing Title = Option to display the marketing title of the property rather than the property name on TripAdvisor.

  5. TripAdvisor Reference = Once TripAdvisor has successfully connected your Lodgix property to a new or existing TripAdvisor listing, the TA listing id will be displayed.

  6. TripAdvisor Property = This will display either your Lodgix Property Name or your Lodgix Marketing title depending on what you've set in #4.

  7. Active = Status of the property on TripAdvisor.

  8. Sync = On / Off.

  9. Deactivate = Will remove the listing from TripAdvisor.

  1. Export Properties = Used to Create Listings on TA. Described in more detail later in this document.

  2. Settings = Option to "Hide unmapped TripAdvisor listings". This can help clean up the interface is TA is sending over a bunch of old listings.

  3. Inquiries = Option to have Lodgix fetch TripAdvisor inquiries.

Mapping Existing TA Listings to Lodgix Properties

For existing TripAdvisor listings, choose the associated Lodgix property from the drop down and match to the correct TA listing. Map all listings.

NOTE: Unmapped TA listings will not be shown unless they are configured to be shown within the Settings button on the TA integration page.

Creating New TA Listings from Lodgix Properties

Select the property to create (export) on TripAdvisor.

  1. Click Export Properties

Once all TA listings are correctly mapped to Lodgix properties, and the interface refreshed, the screen will look like this:

Important Next Steps

When a property is first sync'd with TripAdvisor, the newly created TripAdvisor listing does not become active automatically.  There is a review period of 24 to 48 hours.To check if a property has been reviewed, select the property and click on the Refresh button. That will query TA to see if the property has been reviewed and is live .  Once a listing is in the active state, it will eventually appear live on the TripAdvisor site.  This can take 24 hours or more.   Listings on TripAdvisor partner sites go live much quicker.   For example to check if a listing is live on Flipkey, enter the URL:

substitute xxxxxxx with your TripAdvisor listing id.

There is no guarantee that the listing will be activated when requested. The following requirements must be met before TA will activate a listing:

  • A listing cannot be activated until it is geocoded.

  • At least 4 photos are required for activation.

  • ‘listingTitle’ and ‘rentalDescription’ must be supplied in order to activate a listing.

  • At least 1 bathroom is required for activation.

  • maxOccupancy Required for activation.

  • A default rate is required for activation

  • certain requirements such as a billing address, payout settings, and verified email must be set within TA.

Other Important Notes

  • TripAdvisor only accepts flat rate fees. Any fees entered as percentages will be converted to flat rates when parsed by TripAdvisor. So a 10% fee in Lodgix would become a $10 fee on TripAdvisor. Taxes are the opposite, and are calculated as percentages only.

  • Synchronization occurs every 60 seconds. TripAdvisor doesn't provide booking push notifications. Unlike other channels, when a booking occurs on TA, TA does not immediately reach out to Lodgix to close those dates. The wait could be as long as two (2) minutes.

  • Double bookings are possible (albeit rare) if a booking occurs on Lodgix within the two (2) minute interval. You will be notified via email about double bookings.

  • Not all TripAdvisor accounts qualify for Instant Booking. Please read how to become Instant Bookable at TripAdvisor Rentals.

Help! I've got listings on TA that are live even though I've disabled the properties in Lodgix.

  • Disabling a Lodgix listing will not disable a TA listing.

  • Re-enable the Lodgix property(s).

  • Reconnect it to the TA listing within Lodgix

  • Deactive the listing (not disconnect)

  • Confirm the listing is no logner live at TA

  • Disable the Lodgix listing

Technical Support

Existing accounts can reach their account manager at or by phone at 1-877-354-7539 ext 3

For technical support, the email is

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