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Setting Up VRBO Inquiries to Work with Lodgix
Setting Up VRBO Inquiries to Work with Lodgix

Pulling inquiries from VRBO has never been easier!

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VRBO inquiries can be fetched by Lodgix only when integrating to VRBO.

Once you've followed the instructions for integrating directly to VRBO and you've confirmed that the feed is connected and live, the inquiries will be begin to flow into your Lodgix inquiry dashboard.


Traveler inquiry responses will NOT be recorded (or available for response) within Lodgix unless the contact email at VRBO is updated with the Lodgix inquiry email address. which can be found within Inquiries > Configuration options:

This email address must be added to the setup for each property on VRBO.

Pre-booking Inquiry Overview

  1. Once integrated to VRBO, when a guest submits an inquiry prior to booking, BOTH Lodgix and VRBO will send out inquiry notification emails to the property manager.

  2. Responding to the guest inquiry should be done either via the Lodgix generated inquiry notification email or from within Lodgix.  This is the only way the PM response to the guest will get logged in Lodgix.

  3. VRBO offers an app where the property manager can respond to guest inquiries.   Property manager responses to guest inquiries from within the app will not be logged in Lodgix.

  4. As long as the property manager has updated their contact email within VRBO with the Lodgix supplied contact email, all guest responses will be logged in Lodgix.   The guest can respond using the VRBO supplied app, or via their VRBO account or via an email response.  All three mechanisms will log the guest response in Lodgix.

VRBO Secure Messaging

VRBO implemented Secure Messaging in August 2017 which means that VRBO only allows plain text communications with travelers who inquire. No logos, no hyperlinks, no HTML and no contact details are allowed within inquiry communications.

Lodgix provides a plain text version of all inquiry templates that will be sent automatically for all VRBO inquiries (if auto responder is turned on).

Email Templates

Email templates can be found within the Settings > Templates > Email interface. The four templates highlighted above are the default inquiry response templates provided by Lodgix. Lodgix provides a default text version which can be customized prior to use. Only merge tags that do not contain HTML will be available within the text only template.

Many subscribers create additional customized HTML responses. The HTML version of these templates cannot be used for VRBO inquiries. You will need to create a text only version of your template, or Lodgix will use the appropriate default response template based on the situation (property available, property not available, etc.)

Configuring Plain Text Emails

  1. Click on the Text tab to edit the contents of all emails sent using text only. This is only required for Airbnb and VRBO. Responses to inquiries from other sources will continue to be sent using full HTML.

  2. Only merge tags that do not contain HTML will be available within the text template

  3. In the standard text response for available properties, the VRBO url is used to drive the guest back to the listing.

  4. Make sure to SAVE your changes.

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